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BROADCAST: This is designed to be a "general discussion list" for professional broadcasters, although anyone is welcome to participate. Moderated by Barry Mishkind

BC List FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Tech-Assist: Help from the "Brain Trust." This list is designed to be available as a sort of combined 411 and 911 service. Questions and problems are invited. Short answers are encouraged, rather than long threads.  

The Tech Zone: Join us for discussions of technical matters, without extraneous "chatter." If you want to discuss tech in great detail, this is the place to do it.

EAS: This list was set up to share the latest information on EAS, CAP, and the Part 11 changes. Moderators include members who have spent the last decade working with the FCC, FEMA, IPAWS, OASIS, PPW, ECIG, and other agencies. There is also a special website with more information at https://eas.radiolists.net

History: This list is for those who want to discuss the history of broadcasting and the equipment that was in use over the decades.

The Alternate Frequency: This list is for "long form" discussion of issues that are of interest to broadcasters, but might otherwise "overload" the inboxes of those not expecting a sudden "rush" of email. Moderating is held to a minimum.

Where Are They Now?: This list is for finding old friends and co-workers who have moved over the years.

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